We are an innovative Market Research agency

that provides in-depth insights about the markets you want to enter


SPARC will give you all the data, information and insights you need to make informed decisions about which market to enter, with which products and how to reach your customers with the most appealing message.

We are an innovative Market Research agency that uses mobile and online solutions to get you reliable insights faster, smarter and a lot more cost effective too.


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Sparc Singapore

Do you want to find out the market potential for your product or service? Do you want to know the optimal pricing to gain market share? Curious to find out which product features command a premium in the market? Not sure which country in Asia Pacific is more attractive to enter? Those and a lot of other questions can be answered confidently after SPARC has researched it for you!

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With a looming deadline SPARC was able to deliver the results we were looking for within a very short time-frame. The report we received was clear and professional, with very concise conclusions we can immediately action. We would highly recommend SPARC to anyone."

David Broom

Chief Marketing Officer - FWD Singapore
It was a pleasure to work with the team of SPARC. They really hit the ground running and understood our business and the sensitivities in our industry from the start.
As a result, they came up with a new, refreshing but solid approach.

Chris Marshall

Director Market Access SE Asia, Rockwell Automation