2Sherpa and its team in the US, Europe and Asia are the experts in establishing your organisation for business expansion abroad. With our Online self-Assessments and our extensive Global Partner Network our SME clients are confident in the wide world of global trade because they leverage their capabilities to drive business growth abroad:

200+ assessments

Conducted in the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania

35+ International Business Specialists

Specialists to help you out accelerating your business growth

20+ Countries

Active in 20+ Countries. And if we don't have a specialist for you... We'll find one!

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The test will take about 2 minutes. It will include questions about strategy, financial metrics and also decision points and triggers which play a role in expansion abroad. Do this compact test for free and receive an immediate PDF report.


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2Sherpa and our Business Partners in US, Europe and Asia are the experts in establishing your organisation for expansion abroad. With our Online Scans and our Business Partners our clients are confident in the wide world of global trade.

2Sherpa’s Business Growth Methodology


We work closely with you to discover which in-house opportunities your company has to leverage when it comes to a successful business expansion abroad.

Before we start with the online assessment, we’ll have a short conversation to get an understanding about your business (expansion) goals. After completing the online assessment you know:

  • The readiness of your company to make this critical move
  • The gap between your goals and the current situation
  • The steps to take to lay a solid foundation for business growth abroad.


Our extensive report is your guidance for closing the gap and preparing your organisation and team for the next steps. Of course we guide you through the process:

Identify weaknesses and strengths in your organisation’s capabilities and processes

Improve the quality of your existing business operations and capabilities

De-risk the business expansion

Prepare the organisation for sustainable performance abroad

Explore options to accelerate business growth

Help you to select the best ways to find business partners and service providers abroad for further support to achieve your business goals.


We use a proven and standardised methodology, but we don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach. Based on 160+ assessments and a solid network with 35+ business partners we are able to tailor your solutions to give you the right guidance. In this way we know where to look and how to support you.


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Share your main challenge and we'll let you know how to improve your business activities.
And as a bonus you’ll get a global Benchmark report about the key challenges SME’s are facing when expanding abroad.

Why a third party matters

2Sherpa is your unbiased partner when it comes to improve your organisation. We uncover weaknesses and gaps which mostly aren’t uncovered by staff and management. In this way we bring objectivity to the table. Using a time frame which saves you 4-8 weeks time. And by using our online assessment tools you’ll save $ 20,000 costs.

This is what 2 of our clients are saying about 2Sherpa:


I regarded the program as an eyeopener and moreover it made me realise it takes two to tango. Not only the MD but the company with its assets too in order to be successful in overseas business opportunities.

Genap BV

Dick van Regteren

Managing Director Genap BV


The 2Sherpa export readiness scan was a useful self-assessment tool to understand my business’s level of preparation to expand overseas. It is detailed and covers many important factors to consider when planning for growth. The survey and follow up consultation also provided a timely opportunity to reflect on the business development needs of my company and what follow up steps we could take to move towards our growth objectives. Throughout the process 2Sherpa was prompt and attentive in rendering their services. 

Paul Lee

CEO Workcentral Singapore