2Sherpa is a name packed with meaning

Why 2Sherpa?

While Sherpas are highly regarded as elite mountaineers they bring a holistic approach to partnering with their clients and respecting the local terrain.
The number 2 has a spiritual meaning of exchange. It recognises partnerships and values the multiple ways that we communicate.


Our vision

At 2Sherpa, we believe that every company should have access to the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to enter new foreign markets. Like Sherpas who assist their clients to the summit of a mountain.

With our Online Assessment Tools and Partner Network you no longer need to invest in costly and time-consuming resources to prepare for expansion abroad.

Our Goals

We align our services with clients who have the following goals:

  • Removing frictional forces and barriers that could block international growth*
  • Achieving a successful market entry in a new foreign market.

We partner with business consultants and business specialists who are dedicated to their client’s success while using innovative tools, methods, and business intelligence that take advantage of today’s digital technologies.

Our principles

For us to be able to offer you fair and accessible pricing, we are driven by the following principles in all of our activities, developments and solutions.


Research shows that the costs for a company to enter a new market abroad are between 50,000 and 250,000 USD. At 2Sherpa, we believe that every company should have access to easy, fast, and cost-effective tools to assist them in entering new markets.

Serve as a connector between companies

Connect companies around the world using our Global Partner Network

Employ the best people and work with local experts

Be flexible, agile and develop with deep expertise

*Extensive international research by Prof. Dr. Pieter Klaas Jagersma, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Strategy – Odyssey to a winning performance) shows that removing internal frictions forces sustainable growth.