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In brief:

This Study compromised a questionnaire of benchmark practitioners of more than 15 countries and was carried our from July until September 2016. This report is a summary of the findings of the 2016 Global Benchmark SME Study.

This summary report’s purpose is to provide business owners, project managers, export managers and other stakeholders with a summary of 6 areas, allowing them to have a small set of data to benchmark their own reports, identify some areas for improvement and to get an impression of the full benchmark report.

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Profile of the participants:

The survey has been built around the following 6 areas:
Strategy, Organisation, Legal, Finance, IT, Product, Market, Marketing & Sales

In total 160+ participants took part across following countries. Top 3 regions:
Europe, Asia, US

Which are mainly active in the following industries (top 3):
Manufacturing, Consultancy, Business Professional Service

Top 3 roles of the participants:
Shareholder, General Manager, Sales

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