BizEquity is the world's largest provider of business valuations,
having valued 33,188,398 companies globally


Any idea how much are your clients’ businesses are worth? Or your prospects’ businesses? Or even your own? Approximately 200 financial advisors from across a dozen firms are finding answers to these questions with the help of BizEquity, a provider of business valuations.


US based, BizEquity’s cloud-based valuation engine and system - the first and only patented online business valuation service, according to Singapore Country Manager, Sneha Sultania — gathers information from more than 25 leading data providers and produces complete valuation results in just minutes. “It’s not just democratization of business valuation knowledge,” she says. “It’s the power of knowing how you compare to your peers in your industry.”

In addition to its U.S. operations, the company has opened offices in Singapore and the U.K. to work with advisors in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

The 15 key performance indicators tracked by BizEquity include cash flow to revenue, debt to income, income to revenue, return on equity and, for manufacturing businesses, inventory turnover. BizEquity is also introducing a new search feature that shows the valuation and location of every local business that meets parameters selected by advisors or their clients.

So far, roughly 90% of advisors’ use of BizEquity has been for valuing businesses owned by their clients and prospects.


This business valuation knowledge could help advisors probe into a range of topics like:

  1. When Selling or Preparing to Sell a business

  2. Buying or Looking to Buy a business

  3. For Estate Planning Purposes

  4. To ensure proper insurance coverage (life insurance and p&c) fully reflects the value needed

  5. Working for Capital (Debt or Equity)

  6. When Establishing Trust

  7. When Granting Stock to Employees

  8. For Buy/Sell Agreements with Business Partners

  9. For Tax Planning

  10. When Gifting Stock (Charitable Gifting)

  11. A daily habit as the CEO to Discover, Monitor & Optimise the Most Important Financial Measure You will Ever Have

The other 10% has been for valuing their own advisory practices.


More information about BizEquity's services and how this may benefit for you:

A professional subscription (SGD 199.99 per month) provides 10 valuations annually. The advisor office package (SGD 399.99 per month) provides 50 valuations annually and private labelling that puts the advisor’s brand on the online service and valuation report. It has created one of the most innovative platforms to prospect, engage & care for their clients better.

Giving clients the ability to value themselves is meaningful and provides a way for advisors to engage clients and differentiate themselves, she says. “If you can’t tell them what their business is worth, what’s the point of an estate plan?” It gives the advisors the ability to understand a prospect’s business even before their first meeting.


About BizEquity

BizEquity Singapore, has been working with 45 financial institutions across insurance, accounting, crowdfunding platforms, lending companies, boutique financial advisory and wealth management companies so far and has been partnering with local organisations like SME Portal (a SPRING initiative), DP information Group (a subsidiary of Experian) to spread the word of it’s mission in the country.



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