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What’s your business worth? We believe every business in the world has value.


Your smart way to start your business in Switzerland.

Fachberatung für den Aussenhändel

For efficient and well-structured launch or extension of your export activities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Sales and Marketing Campaigns Germany - Singapore.


One-stop-shopping for business administration in Singapore.


Introducing the next generation Private Limited Company.


SPARC can help you to understand your customer even better.

Infin8 Ventures

Your gateway to China and 1000+ VCs.

Kreis Consulting

Kreis Consulting is a multi-national business service based in Glasgow and Germany.

Asia Consulting

Asia Consulting is your partner in Indonesia.

Panda Training

Panda is a digital corporate training marketplace.

Yzer Solutions

Providing wiser solutions for your professional development in Asia.

&Samhoud Consultancy

Your global innovative consultancy firm.

Alliance experts

Alliance experts helps companies to enter new markets profitably.

BlueSky Consultants

Your Gateway to Southern Africa.

Invest in Holland

NFIA assists your company at every stage of establishing or expanding operations.