Are you a Business Consultant? Use our online assessments tools to help your clients plan their expansion abroad

2Sherpa is a professional network of business partners helping other companies to expand abroad. Our Global Partner Network provides all types of functional business-to-business services to business consultancies and experts who consult on planning, strategy and market entry.

2Sherpa is seeking business and management consultancies to join our Global Partner Network.

These partners are able to administer our Ready2 Online Assessment tool and to debrief the resulting report with their clients.


What will you get from being a Certified Business Partner

  1. Certified Business Partners are able to add and resell the Ready2 Online Assessment tools as a component of their consulting portfolio. The assessments are particularly useful in efficiently gathering information of business’s operational capabilities across the organisation with a focus on expanding abroad.
  2. The resulting report is available to you and your client within 3 business days. The report shows the gaps, SWOT analysis and perceived differences of the participants in the organisation.
  3. This forms your basis for a conversation around performance gaps in the organisation which suits well into the next phases of your business consultation project. Clear insights to focus on the right steps for your client’s expansion abroad.


And you will have the following benefits

•  Develop your own branded Online Assessment Reports

•  Certification program to become member of our Global Partner Network

•  Use of the 2Sherpa logo as a Certified Partner

•  Additional network to grow your business

•  Access to range of Business Experts and Service Providers

•  Attractive commission – referral model.

Would you like to join us? Or would you like to receive further information? 

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