2Sherpa can currently highlight these Asian Partners for further support:

Various Countries

MDBC assists members and newcomers to the Malaysian market on issues related to setting up a company or a representative office here.  We keep members up to date on the latest developments in the business world and members’ news.

MDBC serves as a link to other bilateral Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and various government institutions.  We also look into combined efforts for representation at exhibitions and into commercial partnerships with Malaysian and Dutch government authorities on behalf of our members.

Through our regular (monthly) events, members are able to develop good business contacts with the Dutch – Malaysian business community in Malaysia, as well as with other foreign companies, Malaysian counterparts and government bodies.  

MDBC provides you with the information you need to familiarize yourself with the local markets in:


For more information, visit the website

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) helps companies from around the world to establish themselves in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the most favoured country for European Headquarters and European Distribution centres, based on its superb investment climate and central location in Europe.

NFIA offers:

  • Personal guidance and counselling, starting in the country of origin;
  • Contacts with relevant business partners, government authorities, a variety of Dutch networks and service suppliers, and other relevant contacts;
  • Customised fact-finding trips together with network of regional economic development partners;
  • Special services such as:
    • Logistics Matchmaking Service (with NDL/HIDC);
    • Tax ruling practice for large foreign investors (with Tax Inspectorate and Ministry of Finance);
    • Knowledge Migrant Facility for new foreign investors (with IND/Immigration & Naturalisation Service) and Orange Carpet Visa Facility.

See www.investinholland.com for extensive information on investing in the Netherlands and the support of NFIA.


Trustmoore is a specialist corporate service provider, with offices in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. We can set up your company in any of these places, provide management, accounting, payroll and company secretarial services. Furthermore we make sure that your company remains in good standing in relation to tax compliance, filing at trade registers and meeting of local regulatory deadlines.

At Trustmoore we actively support our clients expanding to new countries or optimising their international group structure. We are available to offer hands-on support so that you can focus on your core business.
We are strong believers in personal and tailored services and aim to remain a flexible and future-proof organisation that smoothly adapts to the changing world and the demands of our clients.

Read further for more information: www.trustmoore.com

BizEquity's mission is to help every business owner in the world know what they are worth. "What's your business worth?"™ is the most important question they can ever answer. Before BizEquity only 2% of businesses knew their value...

We have created the first patented online service to help the over 200 Million global businesses around the world know what they are worth.
Business Valuation knowledge drives every major financial decision a business owner can make.

Read further for more information: www.bizequity.com

AccelerAsia provides rapidly growing companies with Business Development activities in Asia and the Middle East regions.

With offices in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Dubai, a team of highly experienced international business builders and a well established network in the region we have over the years helped dozens of companies take the first steps in these parts of the world.

What makes us unique is that we always roll up our sleeves and work as an extension of the companies we work with. We actually go out and do deals on behalf of our clients, as opposed to being advisors or consultants. Similar to the entrepreneurs we work with, we like to take risks and always get part of our remuneration in equity and/or revenue share.

More information about AccelerAsia: www.accelerasia.com


SPARC is a Singapore based company with a global reach that truly combines Market Research and Business Consulting. Our goal is to ignite a SPARC with our clients. A SPARC that will help see things in a different way, re-connect with your customers, aiming to grow and expand your business even faster.

We use online and mobile methods where possible to improve agility, scalability and quality, whilst reducing your research investment by up to 40% compared to traditional approaches. Our capability to deliver exciting insights, develop innovative business and marketing strategies based on solid in-depth research makes us a unique, one-stop strategy partner.

We can support you in the following areas:

- ‘Discover’ – what makes your customer tick and how you can act on that

- ‘Monitor’ – the performance of your brand compared to your competitors

- ‘Innovate’ – how to stay ahead of the competition

- ‘Communicate’ – the right message in the right way to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

To find out more about SPARC, please visit www.getsparced.com


Infin8 Ventures is your gateway to the Chinese venture capital market.

Their objective is to get Australian early stage companies funded:

    • To provide unparalleled access to funding opportunities
  • To connect you to our exclusive network of over 1,000 leading venture capital funds based in China
  • To provide you the network to get funding and succeed
  • To connect you with the partners that will propel your company’s success and take you global.
  • For more information: http://www.infin8ventures.com.au/

    South Korea

    VisionArena Consult has its the own integrated approach to innovation: Business Model Zen. It generates value and helps clients achieving real world innovation through holistic view on the business world.
    VisionArena delivers business innovation workshops and coaching with more than 30 BM Zen leaders. They are organising Korea's no.1 business community, Business Model Forum Seoul.

    Read further (Korean language): VisionArena Consult


    Funding Societies is a friendly and secure online platform for SME Business owners to start or to grow their businesses by providing access to funding from the individual as well as institutional investors.

    Like the name suggests, Funding Societies is committed to improving societies in Southeast Asia, through funding worthy Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

    Click here for more information: Funding Societies

    APAC SMA provides the best in class accredited training programs by the best faculties and globally sourced programs. Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy partners with top-notch brands and best in class, real industry and subject matter experts.

    Our clients come to us to set up or to improve their internal CRM, Virtual Sales, CxO Communications and Go-to-Market Efficiencies.

    Interested in Us? Contact us today at www.apacsma.com

    GAC Group supports companies Startups, SMEs and MNCs in all sectors in Singapore to optimise and secure their PIC Scheme with a unique approach and technical expertise. We have a deep and international experience to successfully claim technical team’s salaries and outsourced projects with a success rate close to 100% and an attractive fees model. We also assist businesses to apply for grants including ACE Startups, ICV, CDG, TECS, MRA, FSTI, IMDA grants, etc.

    Read further for more information: GAC Group

    The Leadership Nomad Group specialises in helping companies navigate seemingly ‘invisible’ cultural differences through leadership training workshops and executive coaching.

    By understanding the data defining cultural differences, managers can begin applying changes to hiring, training, supervising and incentivizing employees at all levels of the business.

    The company has a multilingual staff located around the world. TSL’s Leadership Nomad group works with some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world. Growing globally is not easy. We’ve been there. We get it. Let us help.

    Read further on www.leadershipnomad.com

    SIB Asia provides business set-up and administration services for international companies coming to Singapore.

    With our many years of experience we manage you through the set-up of the company and local bank account as well as the immigration systems in Singapore.

    Thereafter we take care of the corporate back-office of your Singapore company with the day-to-day administration as well as the accounting & reporting, company secretarial, payroll, tax compliance.

    If desired, we could provide an experienced local resident director, what is not only a legal requirement for a Singapore company, moreover it saves your business executives time on any ‘bureaucrazy’.

    Thus when SIB Asia takes care of the administration your local team could spent more time on business development and generating revenues.

    For further information please visit www.sib-asia.com


    Every innovative idea should be given its shot; every creative entrepreneur should have his or her moment. We understand creating something from scratch is tough. Hence, here at Workcentral, we build a vibrant, purpose-driven community that works, learns, shares and grows together in a coworking space at Dhoby Ghaut, removing barriers that creators face in bringing their creative projects to life by connecting members to a selection of service provides such as awesome digital marketers & Brand Specialists, Business Owners or Angel Investors, empowering individual projects to reach its full potential.

    Besides creating a vibrant and conducive coworking environment, we have specially created dedicated event spaces catering to mid to large-scale trainings, workshops and teambuilding.

    For more information, please visit www.workcentral.com.sg or email to: Hello@workcentral.com.sg.

    Division Bell Group is a business consulting firm specialising in helping clients strategise, plan, develop and optimise their business. We fill a gap in the market that need objective, experienced individuals to provide trusted advice to clients as they embark in their business transformation journey.

    Division Bell Group (DBG) is staffed by practicing marketers and consultants with expertise across marketing, planning, media, technology and business consulting. Experts who have worked across the world in different capacities from large MNC’s to building their own start-ups.

    DBG has strong experience in building and expanding businesses across APAC and work with MNCs, SMEs and start-ups. We provide a wide range of services including:

    Market & Competitive Research,
    Business development Strategy,
    Marketing / Digital Strategy,
    Training & Coaching for management stakeholders and marketing teams.

    Get in touch with us for a chat. Visit www.divisionbellgroup.com

    SPEECH IONIZERS aims to be one of Asia’s leading professional development institutions and authority in public speaking and communications.

    Our vision?
    To build a more interactive and positive communications environment by bridging the distance between speakers and their audience.

    Speech Ionizers has the mission to be the provider of high quality training programmes for corporate professionals, managers and for both educators and students in the education sector.

    Our programmes are all tailored to the stakeholders, interactive activity based and infused with elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to boost retention and applicability in real life situations.

    We believe in harnessing and building each individual’s authentic speaking style, and equipping them with lifelong skills, so that their message will always be communicated effectively and positively.

    Read further for more information: http://www.speechionizers.com/


    Be An Idea is a marketing consultancy that believes "better" is built together and this is done by fostering collaborations between business, non-profits and the public.

    As an experienced team of professional marketers, Be An Idea feels marketing needs to do more than just sell - it is pivotal to creating important value exchanges between different multiple stakeholders to build stronger communities.

    Be An Idea build social movements for business and non-profits.

    Read further: http://www.beanidea.com


    Edenspiekermann is a global design consultancy with offices in Europe, the USA and Asia.
    We live and work in different time zones and understand how to deal with cultural differences
    and client demands.

    We are designers, thinkers, consultants, developers, coders, copywriters and
    producers. We are 100+ professionals from 15 nationalities working agile across the globe.

    Work with us to radically strengthen your brand in today’s world.
    We design meaningful, smart and seductive brand experiences so that
    your customers become your followers.

    Read more about us on www.edenspiekermann.com

    Bamboo Branding helps Startups, Consumer Goods Companies and Agencies to grow fast and to become loved, large, sustainable and strong.

    They help you to transform good ideas into a growing and sustainable business. Unleash the power and your potential of good ideas. Build your brand of the future in South East Asia.

    Bamboo Branding offers a broad portfolio of Brand Building and Business Development services. Located in Singapore and have a Southeast Asia scope. Their focus:
    ► Startups
    ► Consumer Goods Companies
    ► Advertising & Media Agencies

    Ready to grow fast with care? Check their website: www.bamboobranding.sg

    Aditus: Begleitung & Unterstützung auf Ihrem Weg nach Singapur.
    Deutschsprachige Business-Plattform und Leitfaden für Firmengründungen und Business in Singapur und Südostasien
    Bei aditus-singapur finden Sie schnell, einfach und kostenlos Informationen, Kontakte und Unterstützung: Aditus Singapur