The Logistics scan will accelerate to deliver your goods to foreign markets, why?

Your company wants to start exporting or expand its export operation into unknown territory. You are not certain if you have sufficient knowledge about the market you want to enter. The Ready2Expand Logistics scan is perfectly suited for your needs.


An informed choice:

If you want to ship your products by means of sea transport to Singapore it is of relevance to make an informed choice which shipping line you or your forwarding agent use to ship the goods, because it has consequences for the clearance of goods and for the cost thereof.  Each shipping line works with a warehouse facility of its own choice in the duty free zone (DFZ) in Singapore and there is a wide choice of warehouses available. The point is that each warehouse has its own charges and there can be distinct differences in to how these charges are build up as well as in the total cost of clearance and delivery.

Agents in Singapore will coach you into choosing a co-loader of their choice in the port of departure under the premise that this is a cost saving exercise. This is particularly the case when the goods are originating from China. However, it does not necessarily means that the choice your clearing agent in Singapore promotes is actually the cheapest solution. Making an informed choice implies you need to ask a comparative quote from various agents to make sure your total bill is not higher than it should be.

Instant insights into your logistical capabilities

By conducting our assessment you’ll get insights into your strengths and weaknesses related to export regarding: Feasibility, Product, Partners, Logistics, Costs and Regulations.

Action plan and next steps

You will go through 60 statements. With each answer you will get a short comment or advise in return. Once finished you will get the report in PDF. Which will be followed up by a 30 mins call by our logistics expert.

It is affordable

A simple and easy way to find out if your company is ready for export. For just USD 450 you can find out your logistics' readiness and get an instant report in PDF file + advice from our experts how to improve the delivery of your products to your foreign customers.

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