Starting up a business in a new (foreign) market is very expensive…

Still most entrepreneurs don’t focus enough. Focus is key…


These 5 benefits will be yours if you do the right market research



Optimised resources

Time and money are two of the most scarce resources. Knowing your target market allows you to choose the media, distribution, and adequate promotion to market your product effectively in that market (see also our article: “7 Steps to kickstart your market research”). Don’t save on market research. You can save a lot of money.


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Better segmented target market

The better you select a particular segment of your target market, the better get insights in criteria such as demographic, socioeconomic, certain cultural characteristics and specific consumption. Not only are you able to define the best suitable and attractive target market, you are also creating a foundation for your marketing and communication plan.


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Better tailored-product

Knowing your target market will allow you to understand the exact demand and supply and direct the marketing efforts to meet the specific needs of that segment.


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Generation of new product ideas

Defining your target market, using a feedback loop and looking at user experience will help you to define and refine a specific targeted product range. And it’s offers the right insights to generate new products which even suits better the customer’s needs which will increase your business performance.


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Clearly determine the potential demand for your product

Are people interested in the new product? Or are they too much loyal to switch brands? Knowing the right data-points of your target market will give you a better idea of the potential and realistic demand for your product. Besides market research you can use profiles of your potential customers (so called “personas”) and visit stores of your competitors, monitor website traffic competitors, etc.

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In brief:

There are many more benefits that come with knowing your target market by doing a good (market) research. We hope these tips will be useful for your business. Don’t forget to implement these tips next time you have an idea for setting up business abroad.

And these tips may also be helpful if you need a change on how you sell/distribute/promote your product or service. The benefits that comes by identifying your target market in the best detailled way is unquantifiable.

why market research matters






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