Why invest in Holland: One of the World’s Top Locations for Business

Whether you’re considering locating in the Netherlands or have existing operations here, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is prepared to assist your company at every stage of establishing or expanding operations here. Free, confidential services offered by NFIA include: organizing fact-finding missions; arranging meetings with relevant partners; and providing personalized guidance and counsel on tax, government and permit procedures, location options and business solutions.

An operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the NFIA is your first port of call, connecting you with a broad network of business partners, regional economic development organizations and government institutions to facilitate your international expansion.

 5 Facts about The Netherlands:


  • You can't beat our location.
    We're no island. We're on the continent, close to Europe's 500 million consumers, not to mention your business customers.

  • Our infrastructure is first class.
    Our world-class airport, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail and broadband networks are second to none.

  • We are fluent in English.
    Some 90% of Dutch speak English — the language of business worldwide — and many people are multilingual.

  • We have an awesome business climate.
    Just ask Brasil Foods, Petrobras, Embraer, JBS, Braskem, Villares Metals and hundreds of other multinationals thriving in Holland.

  • We roll out the orange carpet.
    The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency offers free, confidential services to make starting up, rolling out and expanding your company easy in the Netherlands.

Key industries in The Netherlands:

  • Agrifood
  • Information Technology
  • Chemicals
  • High Tech Systems
  • Life Sciences & Health
  • Creative
  • Energy
  • Aerospace

Benefits for your business operations in The Netherlands:

  • Headquarters
    Strategically located in the centre of Europe’s largest markets, the Netherlands has established itself as a magnet for international companies and a leading site for European or regional headquarters.
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  • Marketing and Sales
    Home to marketing and sales operations of major multinational companies like IBM, Verizon and UL, the Netherlands has established itself as a magnet for foreign-owned marketing and sales operations.
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  • Service Centers
    The Netherlands’ strategic location, highly developed telecommunications and transportation infrastructure and international, service-oriented culture provide an ideal environment to establish or consolidate a shared service centre (SSC) in Europe.
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  • Data Centers
    Considered one of the most wired countries in the world, the Netherlands is home to one of the most advanced markets for data center operations in Europe.
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  • Manufacturing
    The Netherlands enjoys a strong position as a European manufacturing location for foreign-owned companies.
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  • Research and Development
    Fueled by world-class research institutes, supportive R&D tax credits and a number of strategic partnerships between science, industry and government, the Netherlands is a hub for R&D innovation.
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  • Logistics and Distribution
    Ranked No. 2 in the world for overall logistics performance, the Netherlands is a hub for foreign-owned logistics and distribution operations.
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  • StartUps
    Renowned internationally for its open culture and emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Netherlands is home to a vibrant, collaborative startup ecosystem. I
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