For every stage of your company we offer an online assessment to accelerate your business growth


Our online assessment tools help to capture every important capability that governs business growth and expansion abroad.

It analyses the information and gives results which show the capacity and ability to go for a business expansion. It saves the stress, cost, and time of going abroad when a company wants to make this critical move.

Furthermore, it can help track the progress and monitor areas where there is a need to make alignments in order to reach goals.

This assessment can be used across the board to assess the input and thoughts of major influencers and stakeholders that drive change in an organisation. Are there things which you must know to analyse how ready they are in their process to expand their business into a new foreign market? If that's the case, than the Ready2 Online Assessments are the tools that will help to grow - expand - optimise your company!


All our assessments are developed based on extensive research. You can click here to read further.

Our Ready2 Online Assessments

Global SME Benchmark Study
Join the Global Benchmark with 250+ participants and receive the key facts to compare with peers
Ready2Grow Assessment
The ultimate online test for project, export managers to check the progress of a project
$ 50
Ready2Expand Assessment
Team scan for every company exploring and improving business expansion abroad
$ 250
Ready2Optimise Assessment
The ultimate assessment for multiple users to optimise running business activities and processes
$ 1,250

 The 6 Areas where the Assessment & Report work

Defining and executing strategy
The Assessment & Report helps to bring out the facts in an easy to use format. The clarity of every step of expansion, the requisite parameters and the plan to get it going is captured in a concise form.
Identifying and incorporating new legal, financial, and ICT requirements
As a Business evolves, different initiatives would be introduced to keep it viable. This Assessment & Report helps to build solid blocks that would give more success.
Reconfiguring and producing products for a new user market
The opportunities are well outlined with the results of this Report. It gives the boost to make a customer-centered resolve in creating optimal services across different platforms.
Building or realigning the organisation
The results you get from the Report help you determine the direction of the Business. There are no ambiguities as it is simple to know where the company stands based on the given metrics.
Effectively understanding and integrating into the target geographic market
In the simplest terms, this means the needs and wants of the targets are precisely described, analysed and segmented in order to proffer solutions.
Building out an effective marketing and sales program
This leads to profitability which serves as the Nerve of each business.

 We offer various package deals with an attractive price tag:


  • Alliance experts: business matching
  • Alliance experts: market research
  • Lumiche: logistical scan
  • BizEquity: valuation of your business and organisational health check.