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Patrick Nelissen

Business Strategist & Top 25 StartUps Influencer Singapore


Patrick Nelissen is an Entrepreneurial Business Advisor and New Market Strategist with 25+ years of experience working across functions in multiple industries across Europe and Asia.

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Peter Bloemsma 2Sherpa

Peter Bloemsma

Builder & Connector


Having lived in 3 continents, worked in 4 continents, makes Peter a real global citizen with a gift to easily adapt to the local cultures/circumstances and to build up international networks.

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Certified Assessment Partners:

Alfred Griffioen

Alfred Griffioen

Expert in International Partnership and Alliances

Alfred Griffioen has a background as a strategic marketer and business development manager. After a period as manager at a strategy consultant he founded Alliance experts and expanded the company to a global network.


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Max van der Pols

Max van der Pols

Change and Implementation Management Specialist

Max Van der Pols is a businessman and investor with over 15 years of experience working with the top tier companies in Business Consulting, traveling and living across the world and leading regional office expansions in Europe and Asia Pacific.


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Donatella van Leeuwen - Cascino

Donatella van Leeuwen

Entrepreneurial Business Developer

Donatella van Leeuwen-Cascino is an entrepreneurial business developer with Italian roots and a track record in achieving (international) growth through opening of new markets, innovative solutions and partnerships.


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Linda van den Broek

International Business Developer

Linda van den Broek is an Export Management Consultant with 25+ years of experience working across functions in export, marketing and finance in various industries with local experience in Europe, USA and Asia.


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Monique Harmsen

International Business Development Consultant

Monique Harmsen is an International Business Development Consultant and Export Marketing Strategist with 12+ years of experience working with SME companies in multiple industries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


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Sandra Appelqvist

Market Entry Planner and Business Developer

Market Entry Planner and Business Developer with 15+ years of international experience from a broad range of industries. Values putting strategies into action by helping Scandinavian SMEs and startups bring their business to Southeast Asia.


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Agneta Spjuth

Agneta Spjuth

Market Entry Planner and Business Developer

Agneta has a broad background founded on market analysis and strategy within various business sectors as industrial, healthcare, retail, telecom, IT, bank and insurance. With an accumulated experience from helping small businesses in both B2B and B2C she has built a solid knowledge base over the last 20+ years.


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Falguni Desai

Falguni Desai

Strategic Advisor

Falguni Desai is a corporate strategy & innovation leader, with over 18 years of experience working globally in the financial, media, technology and business services sectors. She partners with business leaders to uncover new growth opportunities and solve strategic business issues.



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Anna Wysocka

Anna Wysocka

Export Management Consultant

Anna Wysocka has an extensive experience as an International Business Developer with 10 years experience in export & marketing. Before she became a consultant she was working at an export and marketing department in the power industry, metal industry and working at an advertising agency.


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Frank Doreleijers 2Sherpa

Frank Doreleijers

International Business Developer

Frank Doreleijers is a passionate international business developer with a 15-year track record of developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies that directly contribute to revenue growth and bottom-line profitability.


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Szymon Karpinski Sotres - Business Partner 2Sherpa

Szymon Karpinski

International Business Consultant

Szymon is an open minded consultant with a proven track record of market entry projects for foreign companies entering Poland and CEE region and also advising local companies in their expansion strategy abroad.


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Graham Davies 2Sherpa United Kingdom

Graham Davies

Independent International Consultant

Graham is a software industry executive with over twenty years’ international experience.  He has served in the global senior management teams at Oracle Corporation, Baan, and Harvey Nash plc, holding full P&L and budget responsibility for businesses with turnover in excess of £25m and with over 450 employees. 


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Business Specialists:

Luc Dings

Sourcing Agent

In the last 2 decades Luc has spent more than 15 years in Asia sourcing and shipping tangible goods, both perishable and non-perishable from Asia to Europe. Luc likes to assist companies in sourcing and selecting suppliers and related logistical challenges in export and import.


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Diego Fernandez 2Sherpa Spain

Diego Fernandez

Business Strategist

Diego is a serial Entrepreneur, Thinker, Doer and highly skilled Strategist, with several years experience in technology startups. He also sits on the Executive board of various international companies / VC's and as an Advisor.


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Martin Ross

Digital Strategist

Martin has unique insights in to business development, marketing, innovation and winning in a digital era. He has helped several clients with market and business opportunity research prior to setting up in SE Asia.


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Genap BV says about 2Sherpa's Optimise Assessment & Project approach:

Our last Ready2Expand assessment got an average rating of 8.1 (out of 10)! This customer is in general very satisfied with the process and outcome of the assessment.
An improvement we are going to make is the communication between project manager and the participants. Sometimes it's hard to get the purpose of an assessment right.
And actually that's the purpose of the assessment. Does everyone understands the next step?

Genap BV

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