The first ever corporate training marketplace

With Panda, your employee training and development has never been more effective.

Panda Training marketplace is a reliable and easy to use digital platform that allows you to search through and compare professional profiles of top experts in training, coaching and consulting. 


What makes Panda even better? You can give the marketplace access to your employees and let them design their own learning and development. 



Panda Training helps you to get the best of your employee education


We provide a digital platform for companies to find and hire the best corporate trainers, business coaches and consultants from around the world


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  • While the most typical trainings about familiar topics are easy to find, I am excited about the idea of having a tool like this available for niche competence building and/or in geographical areas where no training networks have been built yet. 

Sami Lappeteläinen

  • I think this is the future of training. I have seen this trend in HR and I think it’s coming to training industry now
Barona Solutions Oy

Hanna Sissala

Barona Solutions Oy