In creating a planning tool that was both accessible and affordable to businesses wanting to expand abroad, it was of important that we ensure as best possible that our information for you was of real value.

For the Ready2 Online Assessment tools and the resulting 25+ page report we consider real value to mean that how we identify and structure the various capabilities and competencies of a business is based on a broad set of research from international organisations in academia, consulting, business and government.

Our business and data teams collected data and analysed a comprehensive suite of research in defining our set of determinants of export performance. Where there was much overlap in study results it was clear that the core determinants were capabilities of the company as it was currently functioning, and less important were factors associated with the market to where they wanted to expand. This meant that a company could assess their current state of business and get an accurate assessment of their success before they invested resources in expanding abroad.

What determines your success in expanding abroad?


One of the studies from the International Marketing Review was well informed and presented their findings in the following chart. This chart shows the percentage of research studies performed that focused on each of 9 specific determinants of business export success.

Research focus for success factors of export activities

Many of the attributes pointed out in this study are not associated with the companies knowledge and experience in a specifically targeted foreign market. Instead, the attributes identified equate to the capacity, commitment, and expertise a company has in general business competencies, as well as past international experience and exposure.

Our Online Assessments to help you self-assess your firm’s competencies in regard to international expansion and what gaps exist. The scan limits itself and does not assess whether your company is ready to expand based on knowledge and experience of a specifically-named foreign target destination.

Research Set for our Assessments:


The articles and research papers used in developing the competency set for the Assessments are listed here:

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