We are a global innovative consultancy firm

&samhoud is a global innovative consultancy firm. We assist organisations in accelerating change and entrepreneurship. Our expertise is in the areas of vision & strategy, leadership- & team development, culture & change and innovation & branding.

Together with our creative agencies (&Ranj and &samhoud media) we create and integrate innovate tools and creative concepts in our approach to accelerate behavioural change and brand awareness like virtual- and augmented reality and serious gaming.

Some of our clients are Montblanc, Mercedes, Ericsson, Axiata, Sime Darby, Hong Leong, Heineken, Nestle, Microsoft, Perfetti van Melle, UEM and Rabobank.

Vision & strategy

"Where do we want to go and how are we going to get there?" 

This is what vision and strategy is all about. A vision contains: why the organisation exists (higher goal), what the organisation wants to achieve (audacious goal), what the organisation stands for (core values) and what the organisation excels in (core qualities).
The vision is the basis for the culture of the organisation and gives direction to choices and behaviour in the organisation. The strategy consists of critical success factors to realise the audacious goal.

To realise a breakthrough &samhoud helps in developing your vision and strategy in a usual unusual way:

  • Discover the vision of the organisation in an energizing and participative process;
  • Develop a business model that creates value for all stakeholders;
  • Formulate a right strategy with a clear road map;
  • Experience and cascade the vision and strategy up to team level: Fired up and ready to go;
  • Realise quick wins and celebrate successes.

This will result in: renewed élan, a collective ambition, a clear road map, confidence in the future and better results.

Leadership & team development 


"How do we develop our leaders and teams? How can (leadership) teams and individual leaders generate change to augment the performance of our organisation? What do our vision and strategy demand from our leaders and how can we develop our leaders to realise the vision?”

To realise a breakthrough &samhoud helps in an usual unusual way to:

  • Determine required leadership in the organisation, based on the vision and strategy;
  • Invest in the “gap” between current and required leadership;
  • Develop leaders, focused on connection with themselves and others, determine a clear direction and take care for the execution;
  • Develop effective (leadership) teams, based on trust, involvement, responsibility and getting results;
  • Build prolonged management development programs and succession planning, both on a local and an international level;
  • Create entrepreneurship in leaders.

This will result in: increasing personal leadership competencies, connection between leaders, increasing individual and team performance and eventually customer satisfaction, employee involvement and financial result.

Culture & change

"We need a new way of working, a behavioural change of our employees. How do we do that?"

All organisations are susceptible to changes that succeed each other at an increasing rate. These changes are forced by external developments and are determined by a company’s ambition and direction. In order to move forward continuously, it is necessary for employees to develop new behaviour. The rate of success determines whether the changes have to be accelerated or slowed down.

To realise a breakthrough &samhoud helps in a usual unusual way to:

  • Create deepening insight in the power of the current culture and the approach to develop desired behaviour;
  • Mobilise energy and ownership;
  • Experience behavioural change and creating a breakthrough in culture and behaviour;
  • Anchor the change in relevant aspects of the business and in leadership;
  • Design and apply new organisation principles.

This will result in: a higher level of customer satisfaction, more fun at work and better financial performance.

Innovation & branding


"How do we create a strong and successful brand that binds customers?"

Strong brands have spirit, just like people. An intangible attraction wherewith the brand binds customers. The customer experiences the spirit in every contact and moment, in which the brand lives up to customer expectations.

To realise a breakthrough &samhoud helps in an usual unusual way to:

  • Clarify the spirit of the brand with our SPIRIT brand check: Spark, Pride, Inspiration, Recognisability, Impulse and Trust;
  • Concretise the brand position;
  • Activate the brand in internal and external communication, because every moment of communication is a moment of truth. We develop and care for the execution of communication strategies, campaign concepts, operational communication and internal activation;
  • Activate the brand in marketing propositions; because if you want to be something, you will have to do it. We (re)design and develop propositions that connect to the market positioning, involve employees in this and streamline customer processes;
  • Activate the brand in visual perception because a nice appearance is attractive. We develop visual identities, brand product packages and experiences.

This will result in: a strong product and/or services brand in every form of customer communication, increase of brand awareness and better results.

Creative agencies


We offer creative, out of the box solutions. We create serious games and gamification solutions to help organisations with a variety of challenges, such as complex behavioural change, engaged learning, self-management and knowledge sharing.

Next to that we create impactful virtual and augmented reality experiences for organisations and consumers. We are very proud to say that we are the producer of the first virtual reality feature film in Europe, starring Dutch award-winning actors. We are currently opening the world’s first virtual reality cinemas throughout Europe and Asia.


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