Does Size Really Matter?

Sure, big capital can break into export markets, but success is not about how big your capital is, its how you use it. Get savvy, stay agile and leverage disruptive technologies to your advantage.


Bootstraps of Disruption

There is no better time in history to be starting out an export business on a shoestring. Businesses can access foreign sales expertise, use cutting edge financial technology, rent co- working spaces, hire freelancers in all professions, and use video link ups at low cost. Disruptive

technology gives small business the leverage to swing like the big boys, without the overheads.


Turbo Charge your Business

Big corporates are finding new ways to catch the next big fish, by funding their own hatcheries. Globally, there is a $1billion start-up born every month and corporate accelerators prove that the big end of town knows the power of disruptive technologies and they want to be ahead of new trends. Also know as incubators or seed accelerators, there are 116 corporate accelerators worldwide, with monoliths like GE, Intel, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Disney nurturing standout start- ups with innovative ideas in exchange for a slice of the action.


Catalyst for Financial Growth

Financial Technology or FinTech has mobilised payment strategies for business, speeding up transactions via unprecedented connectivity and software ingenuity. In the last decade we have seen the rise of crowd funding, secure global payment networks, and cryptocurrencies. New start- ups are spoilt for choice and by grasping disruptive FinTech, they can leapfrog over competitors stuck in old business paradigms.

The Ultimate Water Cooler Conversation

Co-working space is a creative way of building strong networks in prime locations at an affordable cost. There are over seven thousand co-working space providers in major cities over the globe. They allow start-ups to set up shop in big league locations of New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore without the risk of committing to a fixed term high cost lease. What’s more, taking advantage of these spaces gives direct access to other innovative start-ups where you can forge collaborations, increase trade and grow your network of experience.

Clearly determine the potential demand for your product

Are people interested in the new product? Or are they too much loyal to switch brands? Knowing the right data-points of your target market will give you a better idea of the potential and realistic demand for your product. Besides market research you can use profiles of your potential customers (so called “personas”) and visit stores of your competitors, monitor website traffic competitors, etc.

Read this article: “How to Forecast Sales, Profits Before You Have Hard Data” by Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Sofware and


Get Disruptive and Get Heard

Communication via video uplinks, conference calls and file sharing are all at your fingertips. Be anywhere in the world with these applications.

✴  Skype
✴  Google Hangouts
✴  Jitsi
✴  VoxOx


✤ It is a brave new world of investors. Think outside the box with capital raising and promotion via crowd funding.

✴ Indiegogo
✴ Fundable
✴ Angellist
✴ Crowdcube
✴ Crowdfunder
✴ Equitynet
✴ Kickstarter (for creative projects)


✤ Hire freelancers and get the expertise you need without the HR hang-ups.

✴  Fiverr
✴  Upwork
✴  Guru
✴  Crowded99Designs (for creative design)
✴  Toptal (for software engineers and developers)

why market research matters

Are you Expansion-Ready - Do you want to learn from your peers?


Growing your business abroad as a SME Company is hard to achieve. It has become more challenging than ever. Benchmarking your business’ performance is one of the best ways to help overcome this challenge.


We are launching the second Global SME Benchmark Study and we would like to invite you!

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Every participant* receives an individual overview with the questions and their answers and a summary of the global benchmark report. And armed with valuable insights you can set the right priorities for your next step for expansion!



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As for all our services we respect the privacy of the participants. Because the survey and the study is anonymous, the respondent needs to fill in the email address if he wants to receive a report. We will not share individual data with third parties.






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