We make companies being GREAT and leaders HAPPY by INNOVATION

Innovation consulting firm to boost product & business innovation to society including startups, SMEs, Big Enterprises and communities.


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Vision Arena Consulting

We have an own integrated approach to innovation, Business Model Zen. It generates value and helps clients achieving real world innovation through holistic view on the business world.

We deliver business innovation workshops and coaching with more than 30 Business Model Zen leaders. And we are organising Korea no.1 business community, Business Model Forum Seoul.

We help startups and enterprises to assess their own business model healthiness and to study industry insight they want to enter by two online services. BM HealthCheck is for assessing your business model in 360-degree view.

IndustrySight is for analysing and building the smart strategy about industries you belong to.

“Your idea is great in two ways: 1. The canvas itself is beautiful. It really looks beautiful. And is a very good way to visually present a road to analyse a business condition and its future.
 2. It is a good idea. You can fit in there these 4 methods. Already validated by the consulting practitioner community (including wanna be’s).”
Cesar MalaconPrincipal Strategy Consultant
“I am not a canvas guy. Yours is the best (business model) canvas I’ve seen because it works outside in.”
Sean MurphyEarly Customers & Early Revenue for Technology Firms