Why our assessments matter

Let start with the benefits of using 2Sherpa’s assessment tools:

Many times a business owner is facing the following questions:

  • should I conduct an audit or an assessment?
  • what is the difference between an audit and an assessment?
  • and how can we save time and money if we are going to conduct an audit or assessment?

At first glance, there is little difference between an audit and an assessment. Both are ultimately aimed at studying processes for their improvement. But there are specific differences:

  • an assessment helps to collect and analyse information
  • an assessment is about to understand where you are for the benefit of improvement
  • an assessment draws the line for action
  • an audit checks if the results of quality activities are in compliance
  • an audit is to compare against a specific standard like Trade Regulations, Customs and Standards.


Looking at the goal of 2Sherpa to help companies understand the strength of their (internal) organisation to be more successful operating abroad, it’s clear that we are conducting assessments to determine the gaps and areas for improvement:

  • they are meant to define the current reality
  • they paint an unbiased picture
  • they should reveal new insights
  • they should provide direction for improvement efforts
  • they should provide guide towards the ideal state of setting up or improving business activities abroad.


Quality & reliability matters:

Our assessments are based upon extensive collaboration with 20+ business consultants and market entry specialists across the world during 2014-2016. This resulted in a database of 350+ questions and statements which are used for our Ready2 Online assessments.

The benefit of our online assessments is that they can be done individually or in groups and can take anywhere. And our assessments will be helpful updating everyone on the current situation and aligning to the desired actions. Because our reports are based on information from all levels and can be applied to further improvements in every phase.


Your benefit: our 5 Steps program to increase the succes of your expansion abroad in 3 weeks time


The Ready2 Online Assessments enable every organisation to get the right benchmark on different parameters in order to ascertain their capacity for expansion. 

Whether these companies are startups, small medium enterprises or multi-national companies, the assessments are particularly useful in efficiently gathering information of business operational capabilities across the organisation with a focus on expanding abroad.

It analyses the information and gives clear results which shows the capacity to go for & improve a business expansion. It saves the company the stress, costs, and time of going abroad when you want to make this critical move.


Ready2 Online Approach
Paul Lee, CEO Workcentral Singapore, about the process & purpose of using the Ready2Optimise Scan:

It offers relevant, an overall scope  of our company's readiness and how we may improve on certain key areas to fill in the gaps. Highly rated, especially if it is backed up with professional advisory, key tools and solutions from industry partners.

Paul Lee